• Micki Willows

Our Equality Ethos

Over 20 years ago when I was training to do my Btec National Diploma in Nursery Nursing I was set an assignment to make a rag doll which epitomizes what multicultural meant to me as well as learn about health & safety for toys (I never forget the shock on my mums face as I was setting fire to fabric swatches in her kitchen sink to see what fabrics melted) I enjoyed textiles at school so took this assignment on with relish.

So early 90's multicultural (think pre internet) kinda meant learning about traditional dress with black or white girl dolls. As a cocky 18 years old who liked to push boundaries I made a ragdoll that could be wither a boy or a girl, with chin length braids and bright beads, with brown skin who had 3 different outfits, a kilt & waistcoat, a sari, and a mandarin outfit. So my little Scottish rastafarian child truly reflects my professional values of not limiting experiences just because it's not our experience.

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