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I have been a crafter my entire life, I have also spent my entire adult life working with the younger generation as an early year professional and youth worker. Both are so ingrained in my life that it seemed natural to combine the two. I get to explore my creative side with my passion for igniting the imagination through play for the young.


Micki Willows - my company has evolved from the beginnings of making a huge variety of handcrafted items (cards, jewellery, cross stitch patterns, even doggie bandanas) to vinyl stickers and signs for home and small business' and specialising in Early Years.


“WE” the majority of the work is done by Micki, but she couldn’t do it without the support of family, Dad helps with the drilling, Wife helps with designs & sanding, & Brother helps with I.T. and our dogs Kia & Nullah provide snuggles and endless laughs.


We are passionate about working with our customers to ensure you get exactly what you need, by being a small independent company we can customise your order to your needs.


Micki Willows

Micki has over 20 years experience of working with children and young people. She has the following qualifications and training

Learning Development and Support Services (level 4)

Btec National Diploma in Care Services (nursery nursing) (level 3)

A1 Certificate in Assessing

OCR 3 Independent Advocacy

OCR 3 Independent Visitor

Diploma for Connexions PA's (level 3)

NVQ2 P/T Youth and Community Work

BSL level 1

Training includes - Safeguarding and children, Mental health in schools, Equality and Diversity, Multi-agency information sharing, Personal safety and assessing risk, Child Protection Foundation.

Weatherproof vinyl stickers backed onto 3mm thick acrylic.

These signs are made for the great British weather.

Micki Willows © 2022

Some of our designs are licensed from &

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